Logo Design

What's in corporate Identity Design for You?
Your corporate identity, your image, your brand, is much more than a logo and a tagline. Actually, it's a foundation for all of your future marketing activities, creating familiarity and recognition among your audience, communicating your company's ideals, separating you from your competition. And like any foundation, if it's weak, none of the marketing activities you build on top of it will be strong.

What Makes us the Right Choice?
At Spectrumedia, we specialize in building corporate identities and custom logo design that attract attention, create interest among your prospects, and resonate with your current clientele. By capturing the essence of your company and communicating it to your audience through color, layout, and design themes, we can create an identity that is sharp, magnetic, and boosts your company’s revenue.

Our Technique:

  • Market & Creative Research
  • Define Demographic
  • Extract Vital Elements from Existing Identity
  • Define Color Scheme
  • Develop a New Design Scheme
  • Create your Corporate Identity Logo Design
  • Design Corporate Collateral